peace. love. trust.

Finest City Fiduciary has been delivering results since we opened in 2013. We assess and approach each case with a unique management plan designed to maximize independence while vehemently protecting privileged information. Ultimately, our goal is to use our experience to advocate policies and improve the mindsets that outline the way America provides for citizens that need extra care, both young and old.

Dion Davis has years of experience as a professional fiduciary in San Diego County and is passionate about people, service, and building trusting relationships. He’s compassionate, empathetic and with the help of a dedicated team of colleagues will work hard to provide his clients a well-deserved environment of peace, love, and trust.

We cherish our clients and using the foundation of California law we will work hard to advocate individuals’ rights while honoring individuals’ wishes. Please peruse our Services and use our Contact page to┬áreach out with any questions or to make an appointment for a complimentary consultation.